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A work beyond the limits of time: Serafino Consoli’s cultural revolution in the video-manifesto “The Shape of Life”

The movie, which will soon be competing in cinema festivals and industry events, made its online debut on the channels of the high jewellery brand, famous for its innovative approach and its patented inventions  A project that surpasses the traditional campaign concept, and embraces the art’s most profound expression: a sensorial experience constructed on the concept of metaphor, triggering visual suggestions to guide the spectator on an emotional voyage revealing the power of change  Grumello del Monte […]

 This prestigious event will be an opportunity to learn of the latest from our company, characterised as always by innovation, thanks to our jewellery, which takes the form of veritable patented inventions. SERAFINO CONSOLI is a brand recognised the world over for its ability to amaze and to revolutionise, with its multi-size jewellery but above […]