Serafino Consoli
Why Serafino Consoli

Born from decades of research, Serafino Consoli’s jewelry is as complex to craft as it is simple to use.
Perfect for gifting to those you love the most, our pieces can also be passed down through generations within your family, creating new
connections and transforming with the passage of time.


Serafino Consoli’s jewels are born in Valenza, the vibrant heart of Italian goldsmith tradition, where the art of craftsmanship is handed down through generations.
With over 42,000 welding points and 988 components, each Serafino Consoli jewel is a patented work of art designed to withstand time, offering a true sensory experience that captivates at first glance.


the roots

The story of Serafino Consoli begins in 1959,
within a family deeply passionate about
watchmaking and jewelry.

Our Vision

our vision

Our vision has always been oriented towards developing revolutionary concepts to create jewels never seen before.

more than just a showroom

In 2004, Serafino Consoli Headquarters take
shape in Grumello del Monte with a distinctive
and futuristic design.



The company continues its growth and evolution,
holding onto its authenticity while optimistically
embracing future projects.

Shape of life

Just as living beings seamlessly adapt to a constantly changing world, Serafino Consoli’s
creations dance and transform over the years, preserving a timeless elegance that takes
shape within a never-ending creative whirlwind.

Experience The Shape of Life